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Our family are trying to raise £100,000 for the wonderful Pendleside Hospice.  It is such an incredible place and we want to thank them for making the most difficult times of our lives slightly easier.  

Victoria Waiting passed away in August of 2016 aged just 44.  We wanted to do something that would keep her in peoples memory, and to also help others take time out to grieve and heal through the medium of walking.


Vic was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumour after suffering a seizure out of the blue.  She lived for just 3 1/2 months after the first seizure.  We had little time to prepare mentally, emotionally or physically, the tumour was very aggressive and her worstening condition was unbearable to watch.  Six weeks before her death when we were struggling to cope with the severity of her condition and the multitude of tablets, Pendleside Hospice scooped her up, took her in and took care of her, leaving us to spend time quality time with her without worrying about all the medical things.  They arranged ambulances to take her for radiotherapy, they did her makeup, styled her hair.  They sat with her, talked with her and knew exactly what medicines to give her to make her comfortable.  When she was really poorly they offered us the Hopsice flat where family could stay to be on hand 24 hours a day.  They fed her delicious meals.  They kept the family constantly updated on her worstening condition in the most dignified way.  Every staff member knew her name.  The hospice was like our home for the six weeks she was there, and the staff were like our extended family. 



The Hospice relies on donations to survive and need to raise £2.8 million every year to keep offering this unrivalled service.

If you employ so many people, and you know all of their names
And you think of them as family and you treat them just the same
If you can head a boardroom meeting, then pick stones up on day two
And think nothing of the difference, with an equilateral view

If you flip the bird to doubters, and prove yourself the boss
And sacrifice a normal life yet breathe no words of loss
If you can dish a royal bollocking, that grown men have come to fear
But to said men, if in strife, can lend a loving ear.

If you build your home for yours, but open it up wide
and people come, and people go, and you just take it in your stride
If you walk and ride with kings, and not lose the common touch
And count on one hand your few close friends, but to so many mean so much

If you can marry for a second time with all your heart and soul
And toss away past anguish and rise above it all
And create a team of families, and said families all win through
Then there is no one more beautiful Vic, more beautiful than you.

If a mam can host a party and feel no pangs of fear
When scores of adolescents, descend and sneak in beer
And if a mam forgives the table, and thinks of it as art
It’s obvious, beyond all doubt, which two had all your heart.

If you can see your dear mam daily, and never once fall out
And your joint trust is complete without a single tweak of doubt
And you brother, though not to your face, sings your praises loud
And him, his children and his wife all strive to make you proud.

If your wish is for your children, to love you, as you love your mam
Then you’ve never once been at risk, it’s been granted from day one
We promise to look after them, and teach stew how to be a mother
We started the journey with a brother-in-law, and we ended with a brother.

If you are weakened, but refuse to be weaker, and resist the final curtains’ drawn
If you can be scared and not give in to fear, but inspire, with all the seeds you’ve sewn
We will take the seeds, nurture them, and help them all to grow
And make sure everybody knows your name – all the world should know.

If your prognosis is just days, but you fight the bitch for weeks
And you steal the hearts and leave impressions with all of those you meet
And your humour never leaves you, although your body’s aching.
Vic, our friend, you’ve taught us well, you’ve shown us how to be a Waiting.

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