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James Pigney is walking a special Penrith based Love Heart Walk in memory of his mum in November 2018.  He is hoping to raise £10,000 to split between 2 charities - Pendleside Hospice and Winstons Wish, who help grieving youngsters.  James can be sponsored below ... *update* James raised a fantastic £1490.54,  £810 of which went to the hospice, £680.54 to Winstons Wish x
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Christine Waiting is planning to walk in July 2018 on her 70th birthday.  She is walking in memory of her daughter Victoria, who was cared for so beautifully by the hospice before she sadly passed away in 2016 from a brain tumour.  She is hoping this will be the positive focus she needs to help her mend. *Update* walk now completed and a fabulous £7974.91 raised.
Sophie and her loyal team completed the maiden journey in 2017.  Freindships were cemented.  This, amongst other walks and fundraising events in Victoria Waitings name, have so far raised over £14,000 for the hospice.
Victoria and Justine complete the walk over 2 days in memory of Victorias dad who was looked after at the hospice and Justines mum who is being supported by them through her breast cancer.  Together they raised a whopping £1,032.00

Collective total raised so far  ...


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